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Page transformation in to music only.

Posted by ShizzyZzZzZz - January 11th, 2023

Hello. News for those who followed my work only here. Since the publication of works on this resource takes a lot of time, with the lack of the ability to copy tags, which is stupid, you also need to put a bunch of checkmarks, and the impact from this is 0, in fact, for the same reason, I left deviantart, but d-art even worse, the bastards decided that you have to pay them for the statistics of your own works. But here I'm just wasting a lot of time posting, which I don't want to do as it just doesn't pay off, either in terms of stats, engagement or anything else. Therefore, I will no longer upload my renders to this page, and i will transform it into a repository of my musical works, also all renders will be deleted from here. So if you still want to be tuned in, consider follow me on twitter, this is the only place i am active on now, besides patreon.



Ok, patreon it is! o3o

Pretty understandable given the reasons

Well we're not starving for more lewd artists so I couldn't care less over you taking down all your renders.
Not saying your renders were bad, though. If I wanna browse lewd content I'll just go on a proper 18+ website, not NG or dA or goddamned Twitter.

Fortunately your music is great and I look forward to seeing more of that.

I think this is a really stupid reason to delete your entire (non-audio) catalog. Of course you're gonna get less engagement + views on Newgrounds compared to Twitter. Twitter's the larger platform, but that doesn't mean your should disregard Newgrounds entirely. It's one of the oldest and last independently owned and managed platforms in existence. Sure you may only get 10% of the attention, but at least Elon Musk is not screwing your ass over.

Meanwhile, here are the steps to submit an artwork to NG: Looks clunky, but trust me, it's not as bad as you claim it is. If it was, nobody would be using it.
- Add title
- Upload image
- Set a category
- Set a rating. Does it contain nudity, vulgar language, etc.
- Add tags (shouldn't be that hard to type out manually)
- Write a description in "Author Commentary"
- Finished Piece: Leave this checked unless it ultra-shit
- Choose a License: Some prefer to leave this unchecked,

Meanwhile, your music here to the Audio Portal isn't going anywhere, even though you only get 100-500 listens and the tag+checkmark system for submitting is just as bad, apparently.

- You still "lack of the ability to copy tags", which is apparently stupid. There's only 12 tags and they're usually short.
- Even more checkmarks and buttons to set your CC license
- Thankfully the age rating is simplified.

On the other hand, your departure from deviantArt will always be appreciated.

this is gonna sound pretty fucked but honestly I prefer your music over your renders despite more or less being the only person who makes good Mileena content